On Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 12:08:06AM +0200, Fabrice Couvreur wrote:
> Hi Hans,
> I downloaded the fonts and it works perfectly.
> What do you think are the finest fonts for writing a book with mathematics ?
> Are Cambria fonts free ? If so where can they be downloaded ?
> Thank you
> Fabrice
I'm not Hans, so I won't offer my opinions about finest.  But I can
clarify re Cambria:

Cambria is not free in the sense of 'libre'.  The alternative is
Caladea which has the same metrics but is not the same (e.g. higher
curl from top of lowercase 'g').  I have a comparison using a short
part of Lorem ipsum at

If you want it, you can downlaod it from

Since I've pointed to my site, I'll mention that I have details,
including PDFs of language coverage and the glyphs in a font, at
http://zarniwhoop.uk/ttf-otf-notes.html .

My interest is in maximising the languages I can render when I'm off
following links on wikipedia, not in outputing maths.  So no examples
of italics, although the 'contents' PDFs attempt to show everything
included in a font in its normal style - they will show maths glyphs
if you know the unicode codepoint to look for.

Of course, for plain text there are many other OTF/TTF fonts.  My
site has over 190, but not all of them cover English.  Some are easy
to read, others can look small at the same nominal size.  The
lipsum-serif-*.pdf files in http://zarniwhoop.uk/files/PDF-lipsum/
might be useful.

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