[I have reported this before the meeting, but it was wiser to wait after
the meeting was over.]

I have the following sample:

    %~ \usemodule[scite]
    This is text. % a comment, not \comment

    <p>This is text.<!--and this is a comment--></p>

    if code=="code" then --this is a comment

    this is a

    multiline comment

    not part of the comment

    this isn’t a

    multiline comment

I’m experiencing three issues:

1. Both TeX and Lua comments only mark (in bold and darkyellow) the
comment character, but not the comment content.

2. Multiline Lua comments remove the first line break after the comment
begins. Brackets are also affected from first issue.

3. XML comment characters are marked as standard tags.

Using the scite module removes the three issues (XML comment chars are
in a different color, both from comment content and from any other
element). But the scite module doesn’t allow the options \setuptyping has.

Would it be possible that whole comments may be formatted in the same
color and font (TeX, Lua and XML)?

Could you fix the issue with removed line break in multiline comments?

Many thanks for your help,

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