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>> Henning Hraban Ramm 30. März 2017 um 10:30
>> While I’m still waiting for answers to my other questions, I got some more:
>> In my layout, left margin width is zero, but \inmargin always uses left 
>> margin.
>> I didn’t find a setup to change that – should 
>> \setupmargindata[location=right] do the trick? (it doesn’t, also not with 
>> left)
>> Further I’d like to place "foot"notes into the margin.
>> It works like this:
>> \setupnote[footnote][location=none]
>> \setupnotation[footnote][
>> align=flushleft,
>> location=serried,
>> width=broad,
>> ]
>> \setuptexttexts[margin][]
>> [{\framed[%
>> align=right,
>> frame=off,
>> height=\textheight,
>> width=\rightmarginwidth 
>> ]{\placenotes[footnote]}}]
>> But I’d like the notes to start in the line of the marker, if there’s space.
>> How can I achieve that?
> The only way I found to achieve this is by flushing the notes at the end of 
> each footnote
> entry which can be done with the next key. The positioning of each margin 
> text is tricky
> because \placenotes adds skips at the begin of the block (which can be 
> reduced with
> \placelocalnotes) but a inline version of the command (e.g. 
> \placeinlinenotes) which
> flushes the notes without vertical skips and a rule at the begin would help.
> \define\PlaceFootnote
>   {\inrightmargin{\vtop{\placelocalnotes[footnote][before=,after=]}}}
> \setupnote
>   [footnote]
>   [location=text,
>    bodyfont=,
>    next=\PlaceFootnote]
> \setupnotation
>   [footnote]
>   [alternative=serried]
> \setuplayout
>   [width=12cm,
>    rightmargindistance=0.5cm,
>    rightmargin=5cm]
> \starttext
> \dorecurse{6}{\input ward\expanded{\footnote{This is a footnote 
> \recurselevel}} }
> \stoptext

Oh, seems like I didn’t answer to that, sorry.

Thank you very much, this solves my problem for the most part.

Coming back to this now, since I completed my previous book project (with the 
register issues) and attacking the next one (that needs those numbered marginal 

It would be nice if we had a solution how those notes won’t collide; is there 
some trick how I can shift a note up or down manually?

Additionally, since my note number gets its own line, I’d like to get rid of 
the indenting, but couldn’t find the right parameter.
This setup adds to Wolfgang’s:



Greetlings, Hraban

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