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> I request one of the Wiki administrators to reset my preferences to the
> default ones.  The user name is "raghu".

I have created a new account at the Wiki, with user name "nyraghu", and
have started adding some content to the Wiki through this account, so it
is no longer necessary to rescue the user "raghu".

> More generally, it may be a problem with Erudite that needs to be looked
> into.

It is perhaps prudent to check if there is a general problem with this
skin at the Wiki, so that other users don't get bitten by it as I was.
Fortunately, mine was a new account, so it didn't matter to me much if
the account became unusable.  However, if someone has spent some time
and effort on the Wiki, it would be difficult if a purely cosmetic
change of preference makes that person's account unusable.


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