Hi Hraban,

The type of users that I would like to target, will be those writting documents of more than 10 - 12 pages. Typically students or professional that are used to write reports with Word but would be interested to use a more productive editor, but not ready to move too far away from WYSIWYG.

For me, being able to work offline is almost a must have. Having an online mode could enable some interesting features, such as collaborative editing, but if the application is internet dependant and you have a problem with your internet connection, then you cannot do the very basics you would expect from a document editor.

From my understanding, Atom is a modified version of Chrome that behaves like an offline editor, so that's an option that I would like to consider.

Actually I am working for a web development company, I will submit the idea, as it could well be that there are other use cases, that I am not aware of, where such an editor as a web application could make sense. But still, a standalone application makes sense to me for the use cases I am considering.


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Am 2017-12-02 um 08:42 schrieb Jonas Baggett <jonas...@gmail.com>:

Hi everyone,

This is a blog post I recently published: 
 It is about some ideas I have for a WYSIWYM editor like LyX, but it would be 
designed for using more than 1 backend (e.g. ConTeXt, Lout), and to give a much 
better user experience.

Anyone interested by the concept?
Hi Jonas,

sounds interesting, there might be overlap with what I tried for an editorial 
system (web-app on which I can’t work for the time being, since the customer 
plays dead and I got other projects):
There I use an usual HTML editor plugin (TinyMCE, CKEditor) and would convert 
its output to ConTeXt and whatever the customer wants, most probably IDML 
(InDesign-XML). User formatting must be restricted to predefined styles (also 
WRT images).
As far as I understood, Pragma has something similar running for educational 

A standalone app like LyX wouldn’t fit my needs. Consider creating it as a 
plugin to some platform like Atom or a web framework?

Greetlings, Hraban

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