> Hi Jonas,
> A desktop editor, not so much. But it'd be wonderful to have a cloud based
> one with Git integration. I've rolled my own with floobits and my own VM,
> but that doesn't scale and I can't share it with my students.
> What you describe has already been worked on by overleaf in terms of a
> realtime option instead of a code option. Maybe extending their work would
> be a good place to start?
> Cheers,
> -Brian
Hi Brian,

The type of users that I would like to target, will be those writting rather classical documents of more than 10 - 12 pages and wanting to be able to focus much more on the content than in the formatting but still have good looking results. Typically students or professional that are used to write reports with Word but would be interested to use a more productive editor, but not ready to move too far away from WYSIWYG.

I didn't made a definitive choice yet, but I believe that being able to use the editor offline, independantly of the user internet connection, is almost like a must have. But what sounds interesting, as a nice to have, would be an editor that can both work in a cloud workflow which enables features like instant collaborative editing, and a git-like workflow where user can work offline, then publish online, and if needed, resolve conflicts.

In regards to the realtime option of overleaf, I guess that after each change of the document, it runs LaTeX to export the document to PDF. The template edition mode would do something different as first it won't be updated realtime: it is only when the user switch to the template edition mode that the template as well as the contents will rendered on screen by the editor, without doing any export to PDF.


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