>/A desktop editor, not so much. But it'd be wonderful to have a cloud />/based 
one with Git integration. /
+1 for desktop editor, although I plan to use Emacs for my ConTeXt writing, so
having better support in AUCTeX would be also nice. At the end, I believe that
Emacs is not so scary as it looks, especially for the folks ready to enter into
the world of things like ConTeXt...

As far as Git integration is concerned, not very important feature for me since
I prefer using Fossil. ;)

Btw, Lout is also interesting, but, iirc, it lacks proper Unicode
(UTF-8) support. Recently I was also looking at groff/mom...

Hi Gour,

The users I want to target are those currently using Word or alike, and would be interested by something that enables them to do more productive work, without moving too far away from WYSIWYG. But it could well happen that after being introduced to ConTeXt or Lout by such an editor, that some of them wish to enter into the world of things ;-).

By the way, I have made a recent update of the concepts in https://jonas17b.wixsite.com/monsite/home/wysiwym-editor-on-top-of-context-lout point number 7 was added under the mockup (a frame can be displayed to configure margins, header, footer and footnotes).
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