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This is a blog post I recently published: https://jonas17b.wixsite.com/monsite/home/wysiwym-editor-on-top-of-context-lout. It is about some ideas I have for a WYSIWYM editor like LyX, but it would be designed for using more than 1 backend (e.g. ConTeXt, Lout), and to give a much better user experience.

I am curious if you have looked into if it is possible to add a ConTeXt backend to LyX. AFAIU, LyX saves the document in a "Lyx format" and then transforms it into LaTeX. It might be simplest to write a translator from the internal lyx format to ConTeXt and Lout.



Hi Aditya,

From what I have seen, the LyX format is a LaTeX file with a thin layer on top of it. So basically I would need to write a LaTeX to ConTeXt/Lout converter ;-). Looks like to me that this editor that I would like to design cannot be implemented as an incremental improvement to LyX, as it would be a too radical change.

In regards to the translator, I have thought about implementing rules of translations in a text file for each supported backend. Advantage would be that it will be easy for any user to add a new backend or extend an existing one to cover new features or to fix incompatibility issues.

Here is +/- how could look like rules of translations, with the left expression, something described in the document format and the right expression, the same thing described in the backend format:

<func>[<param_1> = <value_1>, <param_2> = <value_2>]{<body>}  =>  @<func>(<param_1> -> <value_1>, <param_2> -> <value_2>){<body>}

At this point if we have in document:

start_section[title = Introduction, back_ground_color = green]

it will be translated to @startSection(title -> Introduction, back_ground_color -> green)

but if it has instead to be translated to @startHeader(1, Introduction, bgColor -> green), we will add the following in the translation file:

start_section[title = <the_title>, back_ground_color = <the_color>] => @startHeader(1, <the_title>, bgColor -> <the_color>)

Idea is that it starts with very general translation rules and then it gets more and more detailled for every cases that don't follow the more general rules.

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