Thanks for all your input and help, but as said before I don't have the
time to upgrade and than to discover existing things don't work
resulting in a complete new thread to debug these existing things and/or
fix with a new beta installation.

But that is perhaps not my biggest concern with all these beta releases,
ConText is great and for the most part easy to use, I am more worried that
my existing ConText environment (setup) becomes broken, and/or resulting in
complete different PDF output.
I have no way of knowing, apart from visually inspecting a lot of pages of

I thought including some code examples via \typefile (with a bit of text in
either Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese or Korean)
could be achieved with a simple local font switch, or setting a regime or
via \setuptyping but not on a global level
with \definefontsynonym, definefontfallback etc.

My fix is to change the examples a bit and continue.
Again thanks for the help

On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 9:25 PM, Hans Hagen <> wrote:

> On 12/6/2017 7:24 PM, Wim Neimeijer wrote:
>> I disagree, a version from 2016 is not very old. I have a lot of
>> documents using a ConText setup which works with this version
>> of luatex and context.
>> Last week I tried to use the latest beta with my documents and the beta
>> was unable to run my documents.
>> As it seems it is not backward compatible and I have no time at the
>> moment to debug or test.
> hm, normally updates are backwar dcompatible (apart from very beta
> features) ... what fails?
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