While not an editor, but rather a language, Skribilo
(http://www.nongnu.org/skribilo/) can output documents in various
formats, including Context and Lout.  I have worked a bit on getting
better Context output from it and last tinkered with the math output
about a year ago.  Such a system might form the output engine on which
an editor could be built.  The same might be said for Pandoc, in which
case perhaps one of the existing Haskell editors could be used as the
basis for a specialised text processing system.  For non-technical
documents SiSU (http://www.jus.uio.no/lm/toc.html) offers various output
formats, but again it is not an editor.

While your concept is interesting, I'm an Emacs user, and unlikely to
switch to anything else.


Hi Roger,

Thank you for the suggestion. I was first thinking about incrementally creating a custom format that evolves as features are implemented. And for translating the custom format into a backend format, I was thinking of creating files with translations rules for each backend so that anyone can add support for a new backend or update an existing backend to add more feature or to make it compatible with a newer version of the backend, without needing to modify the editor code. A translation rule is e.g. start_section[title=<the_title>, back_ground_color=<the_color>] => @startsection(title -> {<the_title>}, bg_color -> {<the_color>}) which will convert a start section command of the document format into the same command for a backend format.

At first glance that way seems to be the easiest way for me, but Skribilo looks interesting as a fallback option, although I find its syntax to be weird, if I find out that the idea with translation rules isn't working as expected.

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