it might be simpler to have a ‘watch’ option for the context compiler combined 
with an ‘open result’.
e.g. the coffeescript compiler allows for a ‘-w’ option, it will keep the 
compiler running in the background and
start compiling the file(s) as soon as it detects any changes.

i guess such feature might already exist in the rich mtx context tools 
not sure where to look though …


> On 7 Dec 2017, at 07:42, Jonas Baggett <> wrote:
>> While not an editor, but rather a language, Skribilo
>> ( can output documents in various
>> formats, including Context and Lout.  I have worked a bit on getting
>> better Context output from it and last tinkered with the math output
>> about a year ago.  Such a system might form the output engine on which
>> an editor could be built.  The same might be said for Pandoc, in which
>> case perhaps one of the existing Haskell editors could be used as the
>> basis for a specialised text processing system.  For non-technical
>> documents SiSU ( offers various output
>> formats, but again it is not an editor.
>> While your concept is interesting, I'm an Emacs user, and unlikely to
>> switch to anything else.
>> Cheers,
>> Roger
> --
> Hi Roger,
> Thank you for the suggestion. I was first thinking about incrementally 
> creating a custom format that evolves as features are implemented. And for 
> translating the custom format into a backend format, I was thinking of 
> creating files with translations rules for each backend so that anyone can 
> add support for a new backend or update an existing backend to add more 
> feature or to make it compatible with a newer version of the backend, without 
> needing to modify the editor code. A translation rule is e.g. 
> start_section[title=<the_title>, back_ground_color=<the_color>] => 
> @startsection(title -> {<the_title>}, bg_color -> {<the_color>}) which will 
> convert a start section command of the document format into the same command 
> for a backend format.
> At first glance that way seems to be the easiest way for me, but Skribilo 
> looks interesting as a fallback option, although I find its syntax to be 
> weird, if I find out that the idea with translation rules isn't working as 
> expected.
> Cheers,
> Jonas
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