On Mon, 18 Dec 2017, Pablo Rodriguez wrote:


   a \TEX\ inline comment: \context{ag%befe}

   \Lua\ inline comment: \lua{agb --efe}

   This is text. % a comment, not \comment

   <p>This is text.<!--and this is a comment--></p>

   if code=="code" then --this is a comment

Would it be possible that all comments in type and typing (at least, for
Lua, XML and TeX) would have the same formatting for the whole comment
contents, including the comment signs?

Sorry, but with the current output, it is hard to see (for total
newbies) what is part of the comment and what not. And the text editor
will display something different.

I’m afraid that the scite module isn’t an option for me.

t-vim parses this correctly, but IIRC, you don't want to use the vim module either, right?

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