Dear Otared,

As you said, it is working well.

However, the numbers 1, 4 located at the top and the bottom of the integral 
sign which is not usual in math. 
I have seen a discussion about such an output, but I may not see the result 
which I want.

As you see in the following example, only the 1st and the 2nd  gave the output 
which is usual in math.
Is still there no way to make nice output  using “\startformula”?

Thank you.

Best regards,


\unexpanded\def\integ#1#2#3{\math{\autointegral{#1}{#2}{#3}\diff x}}

\math{\int_1^4 f(x) \diff x}

\math{\displaystyle \int_1^4 f(x) \diff x}

\int_1^4 f(x) \diff x


> If you remove the line
>       \setupmathextensible[integral][rightoffset=-3mu,exact=yes,factor=2]  
> then your example typesets well with the last beta version 2018.02.09 00:04.
> Best regards: OK
>> On 11 Feb 2018, at 09:35, Fabrice Couvreur <> 
>> wrote:
>> Hi Hans,
>> The macro that you proposed me worked very well but since my update of 
>> context standalone, it does not work any more.
>> Thank you.
>> Fabrice
>> \setupmathextensible[integral][rightoffset=-3mu,exact=yes,factor=2]  
>> \unexpanded\def\integ#1#2#3{\math{\autointegral{#1}{#2}{#3}\diff x}}
>> \starttext
>> \integ{4}{1}{f(x)}
>> \stoptext
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