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On Wed, 14 Feb 2018 10:12:22 +0100
Ulrike Fischer <ne...@nililand.de> wrote:

⟂ U+27C2 \perp, for example. This is a "show-stopper" for me.

Works ok for me on latex + windows:

\setmathfont{Cambria Math}
$ ^^^^27c2 blblb $

(the document only uses cambria.ttc, so the glyph must be from this

The context code

$\perp $

works fine for me too.

As Hans points out, \perp is U+22A5 (UP TACK), not U+27C2
(PERPENDICULAR), and might differ (in weight) from U+2225 (PARALLEL) or
\parallel, although this may depend on the particular font design.

Is the definition used in char-ent.lua the right choice?
char-ent.lua:    ["perp"] = "⊥", -- U+022A5

Perhaps the latex package unicode-math makes the substitution for you.

(Note that dejavu has U+27C2.)


\setupbodyfont [cambria,20pt]
%\setupbodyfont [dejavu,20pt]
its no big deal to have some backup btu i don't want to cycle through preferences every few years so deal with it once (best in combination with other such things)

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