Dear Otared,

I am sorry that the sample code is not fully loaded. 
Although Hans said that we don’t need  ‘makempy’, I copied the whole code again 
for the sake of test.
\setuphead[section][style={\effect[outer]}] is working well.

For korean, use \setupbodyfont[unfonts] as Hans said.

Thank you. 

Best regards,


> Tha sample code below runs correctly, except that the Korean words are not 
> displayed, since there is no body fonts set up for that language.
> Could you please send a more complete sample in order for us to see what you 
> are reporting?
> Best regards: OK


% the following is copied from makempy manual.

  graphictext \MPstring{string} scaled 4
    withdrawcolor \MPcolor{blue} withfillcolor \MPcolor{gray}
    withpen pencircle scaled 2pt ;
  graphictext \MPstring{string} scaled 10
    withdrawcolor \MPcolor{red} withfillcolor \MPcolor{gray}
    withpen pencircle scaled 2pt ;

\section{First One}
This worked fine before. %이 전에는 잘 되었습니다.

\int f(x) dx 

\section{Second Two}
Who made the Euler font. x, y, z

$x^2 + y^2 =  z^2$

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