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I like to add a sort of watermark with info about the git revision at the 
bottom of some files that I typeset. I’m using Lua, so I have:

context(os.resultof("git --no-pager log --pretty='%h of %aD' -1 foo.xml”))

which gives something like "git revision b085c92a of Wed, 14 Feb 2018 12:49:35 
+0100.” Suppose I want to make this more general. What would be the easiest way to 
either say “the xml file that is being processed” (something like arg[1]) or “the 
xml file whose name is in the Lua variable ‘foo?’”
I'm not sure if i understand well but something


context.setupdocument {
gitversion = string.strip(os.resultof("git --no-pager log --pretty='%h of %aD' -1 foo.tex") or "")


 [this is from file: \documentvariable{gitversion}]




(as long as uou make sure you call the got command only once and not again in each footer)

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