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I am aware that ConTeXt betas might use experimental luaTeX changes (I use both stable and latest and run both), just wanted to report a change

not really, as we don't ship beta luatex's so context normally either has adaptive code or delays usage for a year

in prevgraf result. Apparently with latest beta it reports the number of lines in last page of paragraph (only tested with pars on 2 pages maximum, haven’t tried longer ones). Simple MWE reproduces the case:



A\\ B\\ C\\ D\\ E\\ F\\ G\\ H\\ I\\ J\\ K\\ L \\M\\ N.




Using ConTeXt online always reports « 14 » after the letters, latest ConTeXt reports different numbers if the par before it has been split in 2 pages.
well, i could store the old prevgraf (of make that an option) but it's a fact that a top of page is basically a change (in prevgraf and prevdepth)

what do you use prevgraf for?


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