On 3/5/2018 9:43 AM, Joseph Canedo wrote:
I see. I use prevgraf to get number of lines in most recent paragraph to compute eventually hangindent if there is a lettrine in paragraph (in case first paragraph has fewer lines than the lettrine itself, of course next paragraph needs to setup hangindent properly).

but .. that one is then still on the same page; in fact, you should check for realpage being changed then

I guess as an alternative, I could use the callback after paragraph is split in N lines to count the number of lines, or is this number can be accessed via some other existing variable in tex lua « table » ? Currently I access prevgraf value Inside lua. Probably better than making things more complicated in luatex itself.
prevgraf is still ok after a 7 line paragraph but ... when you cross a page, and have say 4 lines moved to the next one, then a 7 line hangafter would be wrong (you can check if a par is on the same page)

with callbacks after breaking in lines you still don't know ...


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