Dear Brian,

On 8 April 2018 at 16:56, Brian Hunt wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Per this question on tex.StackOverflow, I am having trouble getting ConTeXt
> (LuaTeX specifically) to run on Alpine Linux:
> Specifically, the build from ConTeXt standalone has a LuaTeX that seems not
> to run against the musl libc6 library.

We have a "nearly working" one. At least all the binaries should be
there, see for example:

There are two to three remaining problems:

1.) I disabled automatic musl recognition (short after enabling it)
after this bug report:
I need to finish "parsing"
and a few other posts in that thread and maybe make some additional
testing. There was some "oh no, it has to be the other way around"
discussion where I no longer followed and I need some more time to
read everything more carefully (no time for that right now).

2.) Most likely a patch in mtxrun is still needed (but I admit that I
didn't check) for proper platform recognition. The fact that we are
struggling in shell doesn't really help doing this part either :)

3.) Ideally we need to set up some automated LuaTeX builds to be able
to get the latest LuaTeX binaries in the future.

> Has anyone run ConTeXt on Alpine?

At the moment it should work if you install TeX Live 2018 pretest with
the ConTeXt scheme or if you fiddle a bit with the installation (you
need to hardcode the platform name in and then still
some minor things might still go wrong, not sure). But in fact very
little is required to fix the remaining issues.

Can you please remind us to pick this up again in a couple of days?

In the meantime, if you are willing to do some more extensive testing
of patches (see full thread linked above) on both musl & non-musl
linuxes, in various shells etc., as well as perhaps come up with a
patch for mtxrun, that might help.

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