Hello list,

According to the interface files
\setupfloatcaption takes an align= parameter (inherits from
\setupalign). Additionally, it suggests that the location= parameter
can take the keywords tolerant, verytolerant and stretch.

None of this appears to work.

\setupcaption [figure] [align=verytolerant]
is ignored, and
\setupcaption [figure] [location={bottom,verytolerant}]
gives unexpected and surprising results.

I cheat, and use
\setupcaption [figure] [style={\setupalign[verytolerant]}]
but this is hardly a proper solution.

Question: Why do figure captions NOT inherit from \setupalign, i.e.
\setupalign[verytolerant] in a preamble does not have an effect on
float captions?

Question2: What is going on with \setupfloatcaption ?


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