Well that's even more odd. Is it visible in the attachment? Tested
with updated Acrobat Reader and Sumatra pdf viewer without any visible
\prime or \doubleprime, except in the footnote (where there is no
\wedge on the other hand)... Note that \prime is visible as a footnote
symbol, which is also in math mode. If I comment *all* of the
\definefallbackfamily rows, it shows in the math example (but then
it's Termes of course). With any of the \definefallbackfamily
uncommented, it won't show.

Should I disable the fallback for a specific character, i.e., remove
the characters from one of the fallback ranges? And how is that done?
I don't care if Termes is used for most of the symbols, but I want to
keep as much Garamond as possible in math mode, especially for letters
and number.


> On 4/13/2018 12:34 PM, Magnus J wrote:
> >      $D\prime = 0.98$          % <-- no \prime in output
> >
> >      $D\doubleprime = 0.98$    % <-- no \doubleprime in output
> hm, i see primes here
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