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Am 2018-04-13 um 13:42 schrieb Henri Menke <henrime...@gmail.com>:

Exactly. We have that. And most bits and pieces are in place to allow
that, except for the problem with mtxrun not being able to determine
the platform correctly.

Actually, the musl detection only has to be peformed for downloading
binaries.  Once those binaries are installed, they behave exactly like
the linux-64 binaries.  I would suggest to simply drop musl binaries in
the texmf-linux-64 folder as well. (Who has ConTeXt for multiple
platforms on their computer anyway?) That would render all the funny
business of calling ldd in mtxrun superfluous.

Probably only a few people need different binaries, but think of e.g.
- universities etc. that provide a (SMB/DAV) shared installation on a server
- dual-boot computers (Windows/Linux or OSX/Windows) that use a shared 

But the question is for multiple libc runtimes in linux. So, I think that simply installing the musl and glibc in the same directory is ok.

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