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If one turns on \showframe, one sees that the width value does not
prevent crossing the left side of the textblock (a good thing). OTOH,
getting the TOC numerals to lineup with the left side is a matter of
trial and error. [width=1.85em comes close]

And if the document is changed so that the wider roman numerals are
not needed, then one has to reset the width value, again by trial and

So is there a way to make the left side of the textblock flush with
the widest roman? It's by no means urgent, but sine we are supposed to
be able to automate nearly everything.. -)

This isn’t supported but adding a sample key (which is supported by
enumerations) where you can set a text which is used to calculate the
width should be easy.

Ok, hereby making this a feature request -)

The attached file shows which values are valid for \setupcombinedlist.

Ah, our npp-4-context config files for calltips need updating, I have

\definecombinedlist [NAME]
[INHERIT: \setuplist]

but that should be

\definecombinedlist [NAME]
[INHERIT: \setupcombinedlist]

I have the changes only in my local files.

Ah, ok. Many thanks.

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