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2. Juli 2018 um 14:34
Hi Wolfgang,

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Hi Idris,

you can enable the display of chapter numbers with the prefix-key:


Many thanks for this. There is an unwanted side-effect: Let

marker    = main-text footnote marker
header    = numeral for footnote header
reference = reference numeral

The prefix appears in three places, e.g.,

marker    - II.1
header    - II.1
reference - II.1

but we only want the prefix in the reference, not anywhere else, e.g.,

marker    - 1
header    - 1
reference - II.1

The prefix in the main-text marker and in the footnote header are superfluous, e.g., the reader already knows which chapter one is reading. But to reference a footnote from a later chapter, a prefix is needed to let the reader know which chapter.

So the question is: Can the prefix be made to apply only to the reference and not the marker or notation header?

You have to set different prefixsegments settings for the note entries and the references.

\defineconversionset [OLIE] [n,R,n,n,n,n] [n]






Hey\footnote[listen]{This is a footnote.}

See \in{footnote}[listen].



For endnotes at the end of a book having the prefix in the header is also useful, i.e.,

marker    - 1
header    - II.1
reference - II.1

So a general mechanism to set the prefix for each of the above three would be useful.

If not currently supported, would like to make this a feature request.

I don’t think this is possible because marker and header share the same counter setups.


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