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> the "externalfigure" variant is an old one that had to deal with 
> dimensions in a way that avoids overflows
> in a future context (read luatex 1.09+) we go one-pass-mp so we can
> have a different approach (i never wanted to add a ton of code for
> images) so there externalfigure will scale proportionally too

ConTeXt running on the luatex experimental branch under development
indeed works with one-pass-MP calculations as opposed to the two-pass
mechanism that is standard today. For documents with extensive and
complicated MP graphics, this yields a huge gain. Hans is at present
working out all side-effects (such as recursive MP/TeX/lua calls) and is
cleaning up some old ways of doing things that date from mkii. This
might seem somewhat minor but is really exciting for those who use a
lot of graphics and MetaPost effects.

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