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> Am Thu, 22 Nov 2018 13:50:08 +0100 schrieb Hans Hagen:
> >> When I use this definitions I still get partly blue glyphs with this
> >> preamble. Don't you get them?
> > well, i don't know what to expect
> Khaled mentioned this link which shows how (harfbuzz-based) browsers
> like firefox interpret the font
> https://www.amirifont.org/fatiha-colored.html
> Also the spec
> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/opentype/spec/colr#layer-record
> says
> ====
> A palette entry index value of 0xFFFF is a special case indicating
> that the text foreground color (defined by a higher-level client)
> should be used and shall not be treated as actual index into CPAL
> ColorRecord array.
> ====
sure, in font-dsp.lua
 2953         -- The special value 0xFFFF is foreground (but we index from
1). It
   2954         -- more looks like indices into a palette so 'class' is a
better name
   2955         -- than 'palette'.

" the text foreground color (defined by a higher-level client) should be
doesn't mean   "you  MUST take the current color text" or even "you MUST
use black"
In fact "defined by a higher-level client" means
that  I could define  a palette  such  that each glyph marked with 0xFFFF
has its own color based on my palette ---  not necessarily the *same* color.
(this is the meaning  in font-ocl.lua of
 247             local default       = colorvalues[#colorvalues] -- or 1 or
... maybe make it an option
So..in this situation  black makes sense as blue -- I guess that 0xFFFF  is
mapped as "cuirrent text color" in harfbuzz-browsers,
so, sure,  it has a bit  more functionality.

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