On 12/9/2018 10:35 PM, Rik Kabel wrote:

I have one document that after the 2018-11-18 update (beginning with 12-01 and continuing to the current 12-07) has generated hundreds of spurious missing character messages in the log. A short extract:

    fonts           > start missing characters: 

    fonts           >   72  U+00021  !  EXCLAMATION MARK
    fonts           >  948  U+00022  "  QUOTATION MARK
    fonts           > 1302  U+00026  &  AMPERSAND
    fonts           > 345318  U+0002B  +  PLUS SIGN
    fonts           >  216  U+00030  0  DIGIT ZERO
    fonts           > 54270  U+00031  1  DIGIT ONE
    fonts           > 28590  U+00036  6  DIGIT SIX
    fonts           >  414  U+0003C  <  LESS-THAN SIGN
    fonts           > 116712  U+00040  @  COMMERCIAL AT
    fonts           > 1980  U+00042  B  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B
    fonts           > 373878  U+00046  F  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F
    fonts           >   48  U+00048  H  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H
    fonts           > 3282  U+00049  I  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I
    fonts           >   36  U+0004A  J  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J
    fonts           > 1560  U+0004B  K  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER K
    fonts           >   12  U+0004C  L  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L
    fonts           > 3810  U+0004E  N  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N
    fonts           > 3402  U+00057  W  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER W
    fonts           >   48  U+0005A  Z  LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z
    fonts           > 64206  U+0005B  [  LEFT SQUARE BRACKET
    fonts           > 3420  U+00062  b  LATIN SMALL LETTER B
    fonts           > 3888  U+00063  c  LATIN SMALL LETTER C
    fonts           > 2880  U+00069  i  LATIN SMALL LETTER I
    fonts           > 1284  U+0006B  k  LATIN SMALL LETTER K
    fonts           >  336  U+00070  p  LATIN SMALL LETTER P
    fonts           > 2118  U+0007B  {  LEFT CURLY BRACKET
    fonts           >  258  U+0007C  |  VERTICAL LINE
    fonts           >   12  U+0007E  ~  TILDE

    fonts           > stop missing characters

There are similar reports for the other fonts used in the document (Antykwa Torunska is used for heads, EBGaramond with Libertinus fallback for the body).

I have pared down the files to the following example which demonstrates the problem. I do not understand now all the features interact to cause this, but the reports disappear upon removing any (such as the seemingly-redundant \definebodyfontenvironment or the \switchtobodyfont[small]).




    \starttypescript       [serif] [ebgaramond]
         \definefontsynonym [Serif]






While the messages appear to be incorrect, there is no apparent problem associated with them. I do not know if they point to some problem I have not recognized, or are truly spurious. (And I can eliminate them by turning off the tracker when I am sure that I have the needed coverage in the fallbacks.)

Of course, if I am doing something wrong I would like to correct it.
It's ok ... the tracker just kicks in a checker in an early stage ... there is no need to use the tracker as you will get a report anyway when something is missing.


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