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A figure near the bottom of the page can narrow the text block on the
whole next page.  I noticed the problem when typesetting my (next) book.
But the book is more a maximal than a minimal example.  However, from it
I made the minimal example included below that uses no external figures.

Figure 2 is the bottom of the page and the paragraph flows to its left
with a correspondingly narrower text block.  So far, so good.  But the
text block also narrows for the entirity of page 2 and for the first
two lines of page 3.  

I've found the problem on the MkIV 2019.01.07 and 2019.01.28 betas (all
on Debian amd64), as well as on the live ConTeXt (which is the
2019.01.28 beta).


================== start margin-figure-region.tex =====================
\setuppapersize [bookcrop][bookcrop]

  header=10bp, headerdistance=26bp,
  footerdistance=16bp, footer=10bp,



\input knuth

Silly para

Silly para


\input knuth

\dorecurse{8}{\par Silly para}


\dorecurse{32}{Silly text }

\dorecurse{3}{\input knuth \par}

================== end margin-figure-region.tex =====================
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