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>> I couldn’t figure out what relation is there between Theorems and Exam.
> The numbers are correct with the latest beta.
> mtx-context     | current version: 2019.02.10 17:43

You are right. The example which I sent last time had no problem in numbers.
I checked it by adding definitions one by one and finally found the reason.

One line in my environment file cause the problem. 

Also, I found very strange phenomena that it depends on the order of appearance 
of that line.
That is, it is OK if the command \setupenumeration… before the 
\defineenumeration[Exam], but if the command \setupenumeration… after the 
\defineenumeration[Exam] cause the problem.

After change the order of appearance such a commnad in my environment file, the 
numbers of Exam are correct.  Now, I have to find the other possible changes.

Please run the following code changing the location of the commnad 

Thank you so much.

Best regards,


%%%%%%%%%%%% general setting for enumerations:Exam,Theorem,Lemma,Definition


   [text={\white\translate[en=Example, kr=예제]},
framecolor=dYellow,toffset=-1pt,boffset=-1pt, loffset=1ex,roffset=1ex, 
background=color,backgroundcolor=blue]},       %height=1.3em,

\setupbodyfont[rm, 11pt]


\startchapter[title={Chapter Title}]

We call it \index{OneTwo}{\bf OneTwo}

We call it \index{OneTwo}{\bf OneTwo}



> Wolfgang

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