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Procházka Lukáš Ing. schrieb am 19.02.19 um 21:27:

it seems that xtable setup doesn't recognize the "c" option, which is
recognized successfully by TABLE setup;
tested on mapping provided by "ntb-to-xtb" module:

\usemodule[ntb-to-xtb] \restoreTABLEfromxtable

    \setupTABLE[c][1][width=1in] % Set 1st column width - OK with TABLE
      \bTD A

      \setupTABLE[c][1][width=1in] % <- This line causes error - not
recognized by xtable setup

xtables don’t support row/column settings like natural table and the
mapping doesn’t change this.


as column setup for TABLEs by "\setupTABLE[c][1][width=1in]" is handy and is 
used frequently, would it be possible to provide identical mechanism for xtables?

From what I read in the manual, setting width of a column for xtable is 
provided by \startxcell[width=...] at the place of the first 
cell-in-that-column usage.

Moreover, when xtable is built in two passes, in the first pass it might take a 
column (width) specification(s), if provided, and keep on reading xcell 
specification(s), considering xcell width, if provided.

I guess to be handy to implement both \setupTABLE[c][...] and 
\setupxtable[c][...] in a similar way, especially when there is a simple 
mechanism which allows TABLE/xtable switching (ntb-to-xtb module).

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