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it seems that xtable setup doesn't recognize the "c" option, which is
recognized successfully by TABLE setup;
tested on mapping provided by "ntb-to-xtb" module:

\usemodule[ntb-to-xtb] \restoreTABLEfromxtable

    \setupTABLE[c][1][width=1in] % Set 1st column width - OK with TABLE
      \bTD A

      \setupTABLE[c][1][width=1in] % <- This line causes error - not
recognized by xtable setup

xtables don’t support row/column settings like natural table and the
mapping doesn’t change this.


as column setup for TABLEs by "\setupTABLE[c][1][width=1in]" is handy and is used frequently, would it be possible to provide identical mechanism for xtables?

all is popssible but it won't happen ... different approach ... you can use named setups here

From what I read in the manual, setting width of a column for xtable is provided by \startxcell[width=...] at the place of the first cell-in-that-column usage.

Moreover, when xtable is built in two passes, in the first pass it might take a column (width) specification(s), if provided, and keep on reading xcell specification(s), considering xcell width, if provided.

it already does ... even more than two passes

I guess to be handy to implement both \setupTABLE[c][...] and \setupxtable[c][...] in a similar way, especially when there is a simple mechanism which allows TABLE/xtable switching (ntb-to-xtb module).

it would also be pretty inefficient


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