I am begginer in "context" ( and "tex" too). I want to generate the next

A.1 A.2 A.3 A.4
B.3 B.4

I am using xtables and the code is the next:

       \startxcell[ny=3, nx=1] A.1 \stopxcell
       \startxcell[ny=3, nx=1] A.2 \stopxcell
       \startxcell[ny=1, nx=1] A.3 \stopxcell
       \startxcell[ny=1, nx=1] A.4 \stopxcell
       \startxcell[ny=2, nx=1] B.3 \stopxcell
       \startxcell[ny=1, nx=1] B.4 \stopxcell
       \startxcell[ny=1, nx=1] C.4 \stopxcell

and the result table (with above code) is:

[image: image.png]

I don't find what is my error....can anybody help me?

thanks in advance!!
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