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>> Interesting, I never heard of these modules. But they were for MkII anyway 
>> and long gone; their wiki pages are from 2012, and I don’t know the user 
>> Zenlima.
>> What do you want to achieve? It’s probably possible without those modules.
> In general: If you dont know something does not mean just delete it. My 
> suggestion is to contact the developer of that modules first and ask for 
> changes or updates. I am pretty sure that if you provided own work to the OSS 
> world you are proud of it and does not want it be deleted respectlessly.

I’m sorry, I reacted on the fact that the link was dead (as are all wiki links 
to modules, unfortunately) and that the pages were from 2012, while the latest 
versions of your modules seem to be from 2016, which is fine of course. I 
didn’t check if anything works.

As lonely wiki pages your module documentation gets overlooked, you might have 
linked them in

I’m documenting all modules at the moment that come installed with 
--modules=all, so I assumed I would know all available modules.

Greetlings, Hraban

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