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Hi Hans,

While testing old documents with lmtx, I noticed that with recent versions of mkiv, as well as LuaMetaTeX, there is a strange behavior in math mode: when the characters < and - follow each other one gets \leftarrow… This is embarrassing when one writes inequalities for negative numbers. So one has to separate them in order to obtain with curly braces. Can this be fixed or is it intended ?

$\alpha < -1$

$\alpha \leftarrow 1$

$\alpha < {-1}$

$\alpha {<} - 1$

Best regards: OK


I asked about this before, and it is a feature.

It can be switched off with


Hope it helps!
Indeed. Aditya is in charge of decisions about these defaults so if you want it differently you need to convince him. (I'm not sure how many users depend on it.)

We can turn it off by default. But it might be better to have a more versbose interface:


with the default value being collapsing=no.

we already have "none" and th enumbers represent:

1 specials
2 specials + mathlist
3 mathlist + specials

Now that Alan is entering his math in unicode symbols we can default to 'none'.


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