> On 12Apr19, at 02:28, Huseyin Özoguz <h.oezo...@mmnetz.de> wrote:
>> As you can see, we get Ème in the output instead of ème.
>> Is this a bug, or did I miss something?

This is a consequence of command=\Word, set for titles. Try

\setupbtx [apa:list:title] [command=]

Explanation: APA specification asks for Words of the title to be capitalized. 
If you write your bib dataset correctly (title words capitalized), having 
command={\Word}, is unnecessary.

Why \Word capitalizes \high{ème} is another question - it is only so 
sophisticated. Indeed, I do not know if it Capitalizes a Title Correctly 
According to English Rules, not capitalizing articles and prepositions… 
Furthermore, this mania of capitalizing titles is NOT the practice in French, 
so I would set command=, for titles of works in French.

By the way, btx admits:

title:fr={Histoire géographie EMC 5\high{ème}, cycle 4},
title:en={Geographical History EMC 5\high{th}, 4\high{th} cycle},

to be used advantageously in multi-lingual documents or multi-lingual use of a 
single bibliography database.


Alan Braslau

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