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in lmtx the pdf output routine has changed afaik. I just wanted to report, that in lmtx our printer/copier (Ricoh 8200S or Ricoh 8110S) doesn't print any character. A standard document as the MWE prints well under mkiv. Under lmtx, there is no output (blank sheet). In a document with a tikz-figure, the tikz-figure (without labels, as they are text) is printed. Something with text output must have changed, that makes it incompatible with the copier at our school. I tried to print with different drivers and also used the printers interface (direct print via usb-stick). No success. Are they some flags I can play with (like other pdf-version or so) to find a solution to this problem? This "bug" prevents me to use lmtx at out school.


That is a test.

Any font?

Of course there is no problem with the preview and the output works on a HP-Printer.
hard to say ... we output rather straightforward pdf 1.7


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