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    I have for some hours tried to understand how to work with
    columnsetspans (I'm trying with an updated lmtx), and have some

    1) Is it only the floats that has the long list of placement options
    (given on p. 18 in the columnsets manual), or should they also apply
    to columnsetspans and columnsetareas? (I cannot get it to work with
    "default=fxtb:2*10" and similar options for other elements than
    floats). It would be useful to have it for other type of elements as

    2) What is the current correct way to get back on grid after formulas?
    The only key that had lead me to something that seems to work in
    \setupformulas is "option=depth". Is that the way to go?

    3) This is a bit unrelated, but is it possible to set page backgrounds
    on specific page. Something like \setupbackgrounds[page][page=3, ...]
    (I cannot find any keys for this in setup-en.pdf). Right now I can set
    it for an odd and an even page, but then if I want a background on the
    page after that, I have to put that code at the place where it will be
    used. (I got an error with \startpostponing[+1] ... \stoppostponing)

    4) To be a bit more concrete on the first issue: In the example below,
    how can I place the columnsetspan at the bottom right? Second and
    third column, 10 lines down? I attach the result of running this file.








I have looked more carefully at the columnsets manual, and it looks like (parts of) the columnsets mechanism is somehow broken at the moment, since some of the examples there are not showing what they are supposed to.

the mkii mechanism has been replaced by a new one but it's not completely compatible (these placements are actually for floats and spans were just a special kind abusing that mechanism)

Can this be confirmed? Is there a plan to get it to work soon again?
i'll put it on the todo list

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