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Hello List!




\setupbodyfont[Computer Modern Roman ,rm, tfx 7pt]


everything else can be removed because

1. "rm" is the default style in most typescripts

2. there is no typescript with the name "Computer Modern Roman"

3. "tfx" is a font switch in the document


  [yes, small]








     \bTD[width=.2\textwidth]Small \eTD

     \bTD[width=0.05\textwidth] \eTD






  [yes, small]



\definecolor [rosybrown:1][h=FFBCB3]




   indenting={yes, small},

   background=color, backgroundcolor=rosybrown:1,

   foreground=color, foregroundcolor=black,




\startprettyblock[width=7.5 cm,align={flushleft}]

\noindentation  The Earth, as a habitat for animal life, is in old age and has a fatal illness. Several, in fact.


Below, we have two separate columns; but up here, for the nonce, we have but the one.

\startcolumns [n=2]

  Text, text, text \dots

  all in the first column


  Words, words, words \dots

  all in the second column.




\input ward


\input weisman


After installing ConTeXt in WinEdt:

Command Line: C:\Users\Hermann\Downloads\context-mswin\bin\mtxrun.exe --synctex=-1 "melon.tex"

Change "mtxrun.exe" to "context.exe" or "mtxrun.exe --script context".


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