On 6/23/19 10:53 PM, Andres Conrado wrote:
> Thanks, Pablo. I am assuming I need to have Utopia installed in my usual
> font folder. I tried with Erewhon (I have otf files for that) and it
> works. Thank you.
> In a related note, is there any reasonable way to use the latex math
> font /Math Times Pro 2/ (https://www.pctex.com/mtpro2.html)? I know a
> latex user who bought that font and I wonder if I can convince him to
> get on the ConTeXt boat.

Hi Andrés,

I’m afraid that the consistency of message threads suffers with reply to
digest messages

At least, consider editing the subject and removing the irrelevant parts
from other messages, as suggested in:

>     When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific
>     than "Re: Contents of ntg-context digest..."

Don’t get me wrong, a message may get no reply because it goes unnoticed.

Regarding Math Times Pro 2, I wonder whether
"\definefontfamily[mainface][mm][Math Times Pro 2]" would allow partial

But my background is in humanities and math is all Greek to me 😅.

Just in cas it might help,

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