Wolfgang... Thank you, man. Thank you so very much. This works perfectly.

As I understand it from your correction, my mistake was that I was not
doing the page break before everything else, as I should, because in any
case there will always be a page break in my layout. Then, let the rest of
the algorithm decide if there will be a left or right page, headers and
footers, etc. Am I correct?

Thank you again for your work.

Andrés Conrado Montoya
Andi Kú
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El jue., 27 jun. 2019 a las 13:17, Wolfgang Schuster (<
wolfgang.schuster.li...@gmail.com>) escribió:

> Andres Conrado Montoya schrieb am 27.06.2019 um 19:22:
> Hi List, it seems my message went unnoticed, if you can help me out,
> please do. I'm an struggling with this layout.
> I'm trying to make something using bits and examples found here and
> elsewhere, but I'm hitting a wall. I know there's a flawed logic in my
> approach, but I can't figure it out. Any help is appreciated.
> Expected behavior of the following MWE:
> When starting a new chapter, check if the page is even (left page), if so,
> fill it with color, and start the chapter in the next odd page (right
> page), removing the header but leaving the footer in that start-chapter
> page; and if this is a start-chapter page, use a specific graphic overlay
> for the page, but if if not (if its a regular page), use another graphic.
> Result:
> The header still appears in the start-chapter page, if it comes after the
> color filled page. But, if the start-chapter page comes after a regular
> (even) page, everything works as expected (no color-filled page, no header
> in the start-chapter page).
> MWE:
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% START MWE
> [...]
> \startsetups [chapter:before]
>    \doifoddpageelse
>      {}
>      {\pushbackground[page]
>         \setupbackgrounds[page][background=color,backgroundcolor=rojo]
>         \page[yes,right]
>       \popbackground}
> \stopsetups
> \startsetups [chapter:before]
>   \page
>   \doifoddpageelse
>     {}
>     {\pushbackground[page]
>        \setupbackgrounds[page][background=color,backgroundcolor=rojo]
>        \page[yes,header,footer,right]
>      \popbackground}
> \stopsetups
> \setuphead[chapter]
>           [width=20em,
>           before=\directsetup{chapter:before},
> Apply the above setup with
> beforesection=\directsetup{chapter:before},
> Wolfgang
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