in my books I typeset captions onto full page images, therefore I need a 
background; in the attached example it’s just a white box, usually I use a 
MetaPost shadow (some of you helped me with that a few years ago, current code 
see https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Drop_shadows).

Now, the background should just enclose the text, not more. Since I don’t know 
how long the caption will be (I use the whole setup in a macro), I need a \vbox 
within \setlayer, but that always uses the full \textwidth, regardless of width 
settings of \framed.

If the caption is short, the box should be minimal. Is this possible?

Even better would be a textbackground just behind the text lines.

Unfortunately my MP foo is not up to the task, the rectangular shadow was hard 
enough, but I’d try.
There’s an example in details.pdf, but I don’t understand how I could 
manipulate the path around the text (not: paragraph).

The example shows another problem: If you run it with --mode=arrange, the bleed 
is cut off.
Is this a matter of settings or a bug?

Greetlings, Hraban

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