As we're progressing with the lmtx project (aka luametatex + context) the codebase gets adapted a bit. There are a few things that you need to keep an eye on:

- As we test with lua 5.4 it can be that you need to wipe the
  cache after an update due to differences in byte code. This
  is only needed when you run into issues. At some point there
  might be a split in lua code (for luatex and luametatex) as
  5.2 (luajittex, not evolving), 5.3 (luatex, stable frozen)
  and 5.4 (luametatex, experimental progressing) have a couple
  of different properties that we might want to benefit from.

- The code base gets split in "Mark Four" and "Mark Fourty"
  files. Some of these are permanent, some can be temporary. It
  can for instance relate to features in and experiments with
  the engine. The only convenient way to test things is in
  'real situations' and often issues can be solved fast.

- As we're experimenting with metafun (and luagraph and ...) we
  also explore new interfaces. This results in a different
  codebase but should go unnoticed for existing code. Of course
  metafun 2.0 (hip and modern internet version speak) can bring
  interesting new things in the end.

As usual, happy testing.


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