Dear list members,

I am struggling with floats in a two-column layout. I understand that there are 
three up-to-date mechanisms for columns: columnsets, pagecolumns and pagegrids.

However, in neither setup I succeed in producing some extra vertical whitespace 
after the float if a caption is omitted (i.e. location=none in \setupcaption).

My example:





 % no value for 
spaceafter seems to work





        \input knuth \par



                \input tufte \par


       \input knuth \par


If 'columnset' is replaced everywhere by 'pagecolumns' or by 'pagegrid' through 
a find-and-replace operation, the result remains identical.

Is it possible to insert more vertical white space after the intermezzo?

A secondary remark: \placeintermezzo always puts the framed text at the top of 
the next column, no matter whether the parameter is top or bottom. But this is 
not a big deal.

Sytse Knypstra
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