On 8/14/2019 12:18 PM, Henri Menke wrote:
Dear Hans,

I just wanted to ask, will LMTX and MetaFun remain valid implementations
of TeX and MetaPost or do we have to expect incompatibilities?
It depends on how you define 'valid' ... we're downward compatible ... but LMTX will use features available in luametatex, so when that is the case some code will only be available in LMTX (unless i decide to backport some). Wrr the TeX part: LMTX is mostly MKIV but it might provide extra things (or different implementations). Wrr metapost: lmtx can do more advanced things. There is a split context code base.

I expect most users to move on to lmtx anyway at some point. Maybe at some point the existing mkiv will be like mkii: frozen.


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