> Am 2019-08-15 um 08:08 schrieb Huseyin Özoguz <h.oezo...@mmnetz.de>:
> I just moved to Win 10 (coming from Win 7) with a fresh system and installed 
> Context.
> My problem: The manual installed fonts are not stored in "Windows/Font" like 
> before, but in "AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Fonts" – the default Fonts, 
> which came with windows, are still there in Windows/Font.
> If I change OSFONTDIR to the new path and execute "mtxrun --script font 
> --reload" after that, the new fonts are found by Context, but that seems no 
> good way, because now the default-fonts are not found.
> How to solve this situation? How can I prevent Win10 from installing manual 
> installed fonts into this other path and instead install it into 
> "Windows/Font"directly? (Other programs like Corel etc. have no problems 
> finding those other fonts, regardles of there location or OSFONTDIR.)
> Another solution: Give Context two pathes to look for fonts, is that possible?

OSFONTDIR is like other PATH variables, it can contain several paths, separated 
by ; (at least on Linux and OSX, maybe it’s : on Windows). My OSFONTDIR is 
rather lengthy to include my collections of commercial and free fonts (beware, 
that makes ConTeXt slow).

Greetlings, Hraban

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