On 3/4/20 12:44 PM, Jean-Pierre Delange wrote:
> Dear Pablo,
> It seems that we never should say "never" about things which appear all
> over the real world. I just go back to a previous assertion you made here.

Dear Jean-Pierre,

I said “I have never seen that...” not “I will never see that...”.

> I agree with you about footnotes which should be placed on the same page
> (I quote) :
>>  Bottom notes are somewhat tricky in ConTeXt. The user expects that these
>>  notes (either footnotes, or linenotes) aren’t moved to the next page. I
>>  mean, no reader expects to find a full footnote in the next page from
>>  the one that calls it. (At least, I have never seen that in any book
>>  read or paged through.)
> [...]
> As a kind of sample, see the French translation of Nichomachean Ethics
> by Jean Tricot (1983 edition), Jean Vrin publisher, pages 201, 225-226,
> 245-246, etc.  One can notice an effort to reduce the body text in order
> to let some space to footnotes. But this effort flaws on several pages...

This makes the perfect case for using endnotes.

> A way had have been chosen by publishers : "don't abuse about
> footnotes!", which is clearly impossible within academic books in
> Humanities...

Using endnotes would be a much easier approach.

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