On Thu, 5 Mar 2020, Hans Hagen wrote:

On 3/4/2020 11:44 PM, Weber, Matthias wrote:
Dear List,

\left(f\right)'' = f''

has the second apostrophe set too low. This is in MKIV on ConTeXt live as
well as in my slightly older version.
What is the “right” way to typeset a second derivative?
you have to turn on


but it has the side effect of also collapsing more:

$x'' >= 10$

(which is why the mechanism is currently turned off by default)

i'll think about an option that only does some specific ones only

(btw, i love tex but these primes are a bit painful due to th eorriginal approach which has lead mixtures of (1) raised in the font and/or raised in the engine, (2) them being superscripts but not really, (3) fonts therefore doing it inconsistently, (4) some parsing related to multiple scripts, (5) double, tripple, etc primes being real unicode characters but spaced singles in traditional tex (which itself then introduces some size juggling) ... i could proabbly write a few pages about it)

So what's the best way to input them: using \prime, \prime\prime, etc.?

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