I have an mtxrun on a .tex file that has problems I need to debug.

The .tex file handles well, but whenMETAPOST has a go, it crashes. But after 
the run, I cannot inspect what source was fed to METAPOST. Can I inspect that 
(outside of what the log tells me)?

In this case, I know METAPOST is fed:

picture pic; x:=80.000; y:=200.000; w:=133.000; h:=53.000;pic := 
ApplicationComponentLogo( w, h, typeString) shifted (x, -y); draw pic;

but the log says this is wrong:

metapost log    > >> unknown picture pic
metapost log    > >> ApplicationComponentLogo
metapost log    > ! Equation cannot be performed (unknown picture=numeric).
metapost log    > <to be read again> 
metapost log    >                    (
metapost log    > <*> ... h:=53.000;pic := ApplicationComponentLogo(
metapost log    >                                                    w, h, 
typeString) shifted...

SoI need to inspect what is fed to METAPOST to see why METAPOST thinks pic or 
ApplicationComponentLogo have not been defined.

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