On 3/15/2020 10:46 AM, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
Am 15.03.20 um 10:34 schrieb Fabrice Couvreur:
With the Coronavirus pandemic, my school will close like all the others. We chose to work with Microsoft Teams. I know how to file Math exercises written with ConteXt and export to pdf format. Is it possible with ConteXt to create interactive Quizz?

You can create forms that work in Adobe Reader, but Radiobuttons are broken in ConTeXt, and if you want to add validation, then good luck getting JavaScript functions to work.
radiobuttons are broken by design: initialization, default rendering, synchronization over pages (we have a parent child model for which support seem to differ per viewer/version) ... it's hard to support all the features (default rendering + appearances and such)

maybe i should implement it from scratch and only support the real minimal set of options (so that what is not supported can also not fail)

i really spent a lot of time on this and once you get 'this' working, some side effect 'there' pops up (i probably made a remark in the source someplace but for instance some widgets have the build in default appeances that then depend on for instance dingbats overload user appeances) .. i think in the end one should maybe not implement any owhat the 'standard' permits and just emulate what acrobat does, and exactly that (it's the only browser that does them anyway)

(the static part of pdf is ok, in the dynamic part is there is much crap, and i'm not even talking of dependencies on javascript or flash)


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