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Yes, pagella is a extreme case but when you use bold text the vertical spacing is also messed up. You can avoid this when you use a fixed lineheight (e.g. \setupinterlinespace[line=14pt]) because the default distance is font dependant (default: 2.8 * ex-height).
or one can play with these parameters, that default to:


(maybe we should have recomended values for specific fonts)

I had similar problems in the past and got to
2.9ex for Alegreya
3.2ex for Adobe Jenson

(Just tried, didn’t calculate anything.)

How would this help for the original problem?
Some fonts have a different ratio (I forgot what font i did .7 / .3) but indeed an all-bold or whatever style change sometimes demands a local \setupinterlinespace (no argument).

I know there are cases where changing the height/depth ration can help but in this case the problem is caused by \strut which is bigger for the italic font.

A way to fix the wrong spacing here is to add a strut option to \setuplist (or use always the upright font to set the strut values).

Of course one could also tweak the ht/dp of a specific style using one of the pseudo features.

Also possible because the larger value for the ex-height of the italic font causes the bigger strut dimensions.

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